David Bowie in Labyrinth (1986)

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Fun fact: Alcohol makes you sleepy

fun fact: i have adhd and it wakes me up

they weren’t be a smart arse? alcohol is a depressant, and I think that’s what they were getting at.

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I just can’t go through with it.  Call the wedding off.  


pug vs hairdryer. you’re welcome.

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can u keep it down i am trying 2 reed

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holy f

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mycroft compiling data to find the best match for sherlock, first specifying location, relationship status, gender, and a general age range, then breaking it down by professions and certain tendencies. he needs to find somebody who could be helpful to sherlock on cases, so somebody who knows a good deal about forensics/law/human biology. somebody who will look over sherlock’s health and make sure he doesn’t relapse, maybe even help him to quite smoking—a doctor. but also somebody acclimatized to violence, somebody who could keep up with sherlock and not be terrified by his lifestyle, somebody who could attempt to keep sherlock in line—like a soldier; so an army doctor. an army doctor without a shady past. somebody intelligent and kind. somebody open-minded who wouldn’t just write sherlock off immediately as most do. they must be curious and brave. must, of course, be somebody he could trust to protect sherlock. results—one match: dr. john h. watson. perfect.

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